IUTAM Symposium on
The Vibration Analysis of Structures with Uncertainties
July 6 - July 10, 2009, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

Hosting Institution:
Institute of Problems in Mechanical Engineering,
Russian Academy of Science (IPME RAS)
http://mp.ipme.ru or http://www.ipme.ru
iutam.2009 (at) gmail.com
iutam09 (at) mp (dot) ipme (dot) ru
Auspice Organization:
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM)
Alexander Belyaev
Robin Langley
IUTAM Representative on Scientific Committee:
Professor Dick van Campen, Secretary-General of IUTAM
Chairman of Local (Organizing) Committee:
Professor Dmitry Arseniev, First Vice-Rector of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University