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Monday, the 17th of July, 1996

  1. V.A. Pinchuk. Physical Basis of Electro-Physical Methods for Processes and States Exploration in Heat Energy Converters.
  2. I.E.Chernetskaya, V.S. Titov. The Dispersion Analysis Application for the Evaluation of Error Humidity Gauge of Iron-Ore Dry Substances.
  3. A.M. Il'in. A Set for Laser Spectroscopy.
  4. P.A. Davydovich, I.I. Branovitsky, Ye.M.Prikhod'ko. Magnetic Losses Measurement in Steel under a Condition of Non-Sine Magnetic Induction.
  5. I.I. Branovitsky, G.I.Razmyslovich, T.A. Branovitskaya. The Influence of Nonuniform Distribution of Magnetic Induction in Ferromagnetics on the Value of Magnetic Losses and on the Errors.
  6. E.A. Kudryashov, Hun Lyan Zyn'. The Choice of the Polarization Voltage for Electrostatic Transformers.
  7. A.P. Gusev. Limited Localization of Magnetization in Defectometry Problems.
  8. L.Z. Dich. Displacement Transformer Based on 2-dimensional Grating and Problems of its Accuracy Description.
  9. N.V. Lyubetsky, E.S. Maximovich. Radio-vawe Control of Anisotropy of Dielectric Materials.
  10. N.O. Gusak, A.V. Chernyshev, A.F. Osipov. Use of Higher Harmonic Magnetic Induction Components for Plastic Deformation Measurements and Measurements of Thickness of Sheet Materials.
  11. O.A. Kolenchits. Transfer Processes in Incandescent Lamps.
  12. V.V. Aristov, N.N.Dremova, E.I.Rau, E.B. Yakimov. Surface Profilometry in the Backscattering Electron Mode.
  13. V.A. Andrianov. Phenomenological Technique of the Evaluation of Metrologic Characteristics in Measuring Transmitters.
  14. E.A. Kudryashov, Hong Lianjin. Modelling of Frequency Characteristics in Capasitive Accelerometers.
  15. M.G. Moiseyev, V. Yu. Solovyev. Mass Air Flow Measurement with Laval Nozzle Use.
  16. L.Z. Dich, Yu.B.Koverkin. An Account of Maximal Absolute Value of Tool Error of Measuring Set Working in 3-dimensional Metrological Space.
  17. A.V. Vityazev, V.A. Demchenko, V.V. Korotayev. Polarization Properties of Retardes under their Space Turns.
  18. M.V. Chukalina, N.G. Ushakov, S.I. Zaitsev. A Technique for Local Thin Film Thickness Determination and Surface Profile Reconstruction from the X-Ray Fluorescent Signal.
  19. T.V. Balicheva, V.B.Vasil'kov, I.S.Polipanov. Working Surface Movement Parameters Measurement of an Ultra-Sound Magnetostriction Vibrator with Laser Interferometer.

Tuesday, the 18th of July, 1996

  1. N.I. Yakovlev, S.H. Karpenkov, G.V. Abramson. Features and Perspectives of Creating High-Sensitive Magnetoresistive Sensors and Transducers in the Integrated Design.
  2. S.A. Kukushkin, D.A. Grigoryev. Crystallization of Multicomponent Melts under Inhomogenious Conditions.
  3. N.N. Zatsepin, V.G. Gorbash, A.P. Gusev. The Phenomenon of Range Expansion of Magnetic Fields Measured by FerroProbe.
  4. A.B. Fedortsov, D.G. Letenko, L.M. Tsentsiper. Thickness measurement of Liquid Films in the Process of Their Spreading and Evaporating.
  5. V.V. Masalov, A.N. Samus. Multi-Loop Self-Shielded DC-Squid.
  6. M.E. Kompan, A.E. Gorodetsky. A Technique of the Double-Sinchronous Detection for Luminescent Control of Materials.
  7. P.I. Novikov. Indirect Measurement Techniques for the Diagnosing of Electro-Mechanical Systems.
  8. O.Yu. Tsybin, M.V. Mishin. The Contents Analysis of Stream of Particles on the Basis of Short-Pulse Desorbtion.
  9. V.F. Matyuk, V.D. Piunov. Two-zoned Magnetic Field Gradient Measures for Metrological Support of Pulse Magnetic Control.
  10. E.V. Matsevich. The Sensitivity Estimation for Non-contact Impedance Acoustic Method for NDT.
  11. A.A.Yerofeyev, S.A. Yerofeyev. System Use of PiezoMedia Phenomena for Gauging Equipment Design.
  12. V.A.Koloskov, V.S. Titov. Fault-Tolerant Information Control Systems for Automated Research.
  13. V.S.Sobolev, V.S. Voronkov. The New Measurement Technology on the Basis of Virtual Instrumentation Systems.
  14. A.E.Gorodetsky, I.L. Tarasova. Intelligent Software for the Automated Test of Sensor Systems.
  15. S.A.Alexeyev, A.N.Gorlyak, V.T.Prockopenko, M.V.Suhoruckova, Li Shuan Fen, S.N. Ustinov. Automatic Universal Spectral Ellipsometer.
  16. A.G.Areshkin, L.I.Vasilyeva, N.N.Litvinova, G.I.Polyakov, D.L.Fedorov. New Optical Technique of Metrological Software in Optoelectronics.
  17. V.K.Abalakin, V.I.Bogdanov, Yu.D.Boulanger, M.Yu.Medvedev, N.N.Neronov, V.A.Solodov, G.A.Troshkov. On Revival of the Russian Maritime Observing Site Network.
  18. T.A.Kompan, A.S.Korenev. An Absolute Technique to Measure the Temperature Linear Expansion Ratio of Low-Dimensional Components of Composed Materials.
  19. G.V.Kirian, D.G.Kirian. About the Nature of Atmospheric Pressure Measurement Errors in a Mercuric Barometer.
  20. G.N.Solopchenko. Universal Metrological Description of Measuring Components of Measure Control Systems.

Wednesday, the 19th of July, 1996

  1. B.M. Lovyagin, A.A. Bolotov. Electro-Optical Technique for Recording Time Intervals.
  2. Yu.I. Anisimov, V.A. Lashkov, I.C. Mashek. Complex Space Streams Speed Field Visualization with Absorbing Doppler Detector.
  3. A.S. Agapov, Yu.I. Anisimov, V.A. Lashkov, I.C. Mashek. Multifrequent Laser in the Interference-Metric Measurer of Super- and HyperSonic Flow Velocity of Substance.
  4. F.G. Drick, S.A. Zubko. Holographical Complex for the Stress-Deformed State of Materials and Products Diagnostics.
  5. A.V. Bakulin About the Existance of Double Loops on Wavefront in BIO Model of an Anisotropic Porous Media and Longitudinal to Share Mode Transition.
  6. A.I. Kantserov, N.B. Kozykh, I.C. Mashek. Measurement of the Phase Profile of a Gas Stream Using Spatial Spectrum Filtration.
  7. A.M. Il'in, A.P. Moschevikin, S.V. Smirnov.Installation for the automatic measuring of the wavelength and linewidth of the laser radiation. .
  8. A.M. Il'in, A.P. Moschevikin, A.D. Khakhaev.Complex for laser spectroscopy.
  9. G.I. Tikhomirov, N.O. Reingand. The difraction Method for Non-Contact Optical Measurements of Distances.
  10. G.V. Breyenkov, S.V.Sysoyev. Increasing the Sensitivity of Measuring Technique by Primary Information Multiplication.
  11. G.V. Breyenkov, S.V.Sysoyev. Algorithmic Technique for Measurement Error Correction in Opto-Electronic Object Space Orientation Control Means.
  12. E.D. Pankov, A.N. Timofeyev, V.L. Musyakov. Measurements With The Use of The Optical Equisignal Zone.
  13. V.S. Titov, T.A. Shirabakina. Adaptive Optical Electronical Devices to Control Technological Processes and Parameters.
  14. P.V. Batyan, I.A. Konyahin, E.D. Pankov. The Control Targets for Three-Coordinate Autocollimation Measurements.
  15. V.V. Korotayev, E.D. Pankov, S.Yu. Savelyev, A.N. Timofeyev. The Optoelectronical Dock Sag Meter.
  16. A.V. Nikitin, O.B. Potryvayeva. Measurements of Submicrometer VLSI Features in Optical Microscope.
  17. A.V. Nikitin, O.B. Potryvayeva. A Technique for Optical Measurements of Submicron Structure Size.

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