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Antonina Fedorova and Michael Zeitlin

About us :

We work in Mathematical Methods in Mechanics Group (MMM),
Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering ( IPME ),
Russian Academy of Sciences ( RAS ), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Michael G. Zeitlin is Head of MMM ( zeitlin at math.ipme.ru ),

Antonina N. Fedorova is a researcher ( anton at math.ipme.ru ).

Fedorova Zeitlin

You can find lectures (koi-8) of Michael on Mathematical Methods of Physics and
his old papers on Strings/Conformal/Integrable Field Theories here.

Since 1993 our hobby has been Internet activity:
we are (Unix) System Administrators for IPME.ru.

Michael maintains management and security, Antonina does all things including Web (e-journals too).

But our main duty is our son.


Our research page contains prepreprints, preprints and papers on

Categorification, Sheaves, Hidden Symmetries, Representations, Orbits, Localization, Local Nonlinear Harmonic Analysis, Pattern Formation and All That with Applications to Quantum Physics, Plasma Physics (Fusion Problem mostly), Accelerator/Beam Physics